Sunday, November 28, 2010

I decorated a cake!

I have tried to decorate a cake before, and it has never turned out well. And I tried to write 'happy birthday!' across cupcakes for a friend once.

They were strawberry cupcakes. From a box, because I am not a great baker. But although trying to ice them nicely was not very successful, they tasted fine. I want to try to make real strawberry cupcakes sometime, but I need an excuse. Otherwise I will eat all of them.

We were visiting some Bird family this weekend, and part of the trip was a joint baby shower. Mama Bird told one of my many Aunt Birds that I was now a cook, since I certainly cook a lot more than I did when I last came home from college.

She immediately responded with "Oh, good! She can decorate the cake!"

I am a computer programmer. I cannot decorate anything. I cannot draw, I cannot do patterns, and my horrid handwriting has been a thing of legend for some years. So I was sort of stressed by this, although it's not like anyone was really too hung up on it.

Aunt Bird actually had an icing pipe. If I am ever going to be good at decorating cakes, I may have to invest in one.

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