Sunday, April 7, 2013

A mild revival

I haven't written anything in a long time, although I've still been cooking a lot. I've been on a mission to try to cook something out of every cookbook I own. That's a lot of cookbooks. We're up to like 30 or something insane.
This is what I made from Dorie Greenspan's book, Baking: From My Home to Yours. I was supposed to make the Peppermint Cream Puff Ring, and as soon as I saw it I was afraid of it. I make a lot of food. I rarely focus on making the food look good.
But this time... this time it worked out.

Look how pretty it turned out! I should have toasted the almonds, I'll admit. A minor mistake. But it turned out well!
And I had so much extra dough (not to mention extra cream) that I made little.... dough-cream-bars.

And one cream puff.

I know scale doesn't really show here, but that cream puff was actually huge. I ate it all, and it was enormous. It was delicious though.
I've been going through these books for a while now. I've made Shrimp de Jonghe, Smothered Greens, Popovers, Duck Confit Tacos, Skate with Tomato and Olive Sauce... it's been interesting. The skate was a REALLY great adventure, it made me go adventure to a fish market and talk to people who had jobs I didn't know existed in order to get five pounds of fish. I still have a pound of it left, if anyone wants to tell me what else to do with it, I'm all ears.