Saturday, January 28, 2012

After 10 hours of cooking....

Ridiculously buttery and melt-in-your mouth blackberry muffins....

Fresh paneer....

A spiced applesauce cake....

And a whole mess of peppers, onions, and garlic.

My friends are coming to visit today. We're going to play League of Legends, board games, and feast until we're too full to move. In the interests of that last goal, I've made them a feast. The menu includes:
  • Homemade chips and hummus
  • Minced lamb and peas
  • Palak paneer (although my paneer didn't turn out. So I picked up some peynir instead.)
  • Homemade naan
  • Blackberry muffins (if I'm nice enough to share!)
  • Spiced applesauce cake with cinnamon frosting

    Yeah, I know you wish you were my friend. Birds do like cooking.
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