Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Coconut Ice?

I've been cooking a lot, still. Tons of muffins- I made over fifty muffins for a little trip to the Run for your Lives 5k recently. I made whole grain pumpkin and morning glory muffins, and they were pretty much destroyed. The morning glory ones almost didn't make it to the next morning, actually.

I didn't take any pictures of them, because I am both an idiot and still don't have a camera.

Then I decided I wanted to retry the failed coconut ice I made so long ago. I got a different recipe, and mmmm, I think Prehistoric Bird will agree when I say that it's good. It's terrible for you, no doubt. But it melts in your mouth, and it just tastes like delicious sugary coconut.

I'll take pictures of it later. But for now, just know: I am still slowly trying to cook through England.

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